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NaMax was established in 1996 to provide expert advice on information technology in a complex legal case of alleged misrepresentation.

Since then it has had assignments in IT and business strategy as well as continuing to provide expert advice.

Assignments have covered the world including the UK, USA, Gulf region, East Asia and Africa.


NaMax specialises in bridging the gap between advanced technology and the real world.

Technology strategies to meet new opportunities - Strategy

Whether it is developing strategies for unifying data from multiple systems in Korea or exploring business applications of Machine Learning for improving sales, NaMax has taken a leading role in bringing benefits to those seeking to get real

Rendering IT jargon into plain English - Expert witness

Technology loves jargon, but there are few cases when complex technical matters cannot be translated into sensible, meaningful terms.

In one case, our description of a submission to a court as “technobabble” was regarded as a great contribution to clarity and understanding!


Caribbean technology assessment for European Commission. NaMax Limited carried out assessment of six technology companies as candidates for an aid programme.

African telecoms. NaMax was called in to rescue a pan-African programme for a major telco, delivering a series of reports on four countries.

American social network. NaMax was involved in the design of one of the earliest social networks based on sporting interests.

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